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Phaedra supports the concept of Projects, which are collections of experiments that may span multiple protocol classes. If you have write access to a project, you can freely add or remove experiments. The same experiment can be added to multiple projects. Removing an experiment from a project does not delete the actual experiment: only the reference to the experiment will be deleted.

Projects can have one of different access scopes:

  • private: Only you can see and modify the project.
  • team: Only team members can see modify the project.
  • public read: Everyone can see the project, but only you can modify it.
  • public read/update: Everyone can see and modify the project.


Creating a new project

To create a new project, right-click on the Projects item in the Navigator view, and select New Project....


Enter a name for the new project, and choose a sharing option. If you select the Team sharing option, make sure to also select an appropriate team.


Using a project

To open the experiments of a project, double-click on it.


Alternatively, to open all experiments at once, right-click on the project and select Open Experiments.


You can also right-click on a project and select Edit Properties to change the name, description, or sharing method for a project.


To add experiments to a project, select an existing experiment, hold down the mouse button, and drag it onto the project.


To remove an experiment from a project, right-click it and select Remove from Project....