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Saved Perspectives

Using Saved Perspectives

In Phaedra, a Saved Perspective is a snapshot of the workbench layout: it defines a set of open views, including the size and positions of those views. In addition to the view positions, a Saved Perspective also includes:

  • The Active Feature (as shown in the Feature Selector view)
  • The settings of each view. E.g. for a scatter plot, this includes the features on the X and Y axes, colors, point sizes, etc.

Note: for an introduction to views, take a look at the Application Tour.

You can save a perspective for easy reuse: at any time, you can open a Saved Perspective and the workbench will be adjusted to show the layout as it was when you saved the perspective.


Saving a Perspective

To save a perspective, right-click on the Perspectives item in the Navigator view and select Save As New....


Enter a name for the Saved Perspective, and click OK.


When the perspective has been saved, it will appear in the Navigator under the Perspectives item.


Opening a Saved Perspective

To open a Saved Perspective, locate it in the Navigator, right-click it, and select Open. Alternatively, double-click on the perspective to open it immediately.


Modifying a Saved Perspective

An existing Saved Perspective can be modified in several ways:

  • After a Saved Perspective has been opened, you can update it by making changes to the workbench, then right-clicking the perspective in the Navigator and selecting Update. Note that this will overwrite the current state of the Saved Perspective.

  • To rename a Saved Perspective, right-click it in the Navigator and select Settings....

  • To delete a Saved Perspective permanently, right-click it in the Navigator and select Delete.